Brandon Ray brings over a decade of aviation expertise to CXO MX, LLC. A professional pilot, A&P Mechanic, and Master Flight Instructor, with a Bachelor’s in Aeronautical Science from LeTourneau University and an MBA with honors from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, he understands the complexities of aircraft ownership and maintenance. His work with a range of aircraft, from piston to turbine, ensures he can guide owners through maintenance decisions with clarity and confidence while understanding the needs of pilots from their unique perspectives.

His experience as a Director of Training and Factory Instructor Pilot for multiple organizations has honed his skills in delivering tailored training and technical advice. At CXO MX, we believe in the value of smart ownership and the importance of maintaining your aircraft to the highest standards. With Brandon’s guidance and our team’s dedication, we aim to provide a seamless service, removing the uncertainties of aircraft maintenance and enhancing the enjoyment of your aviation experience.


Lead Airframe and Powerplant Technician

Sam joined CXO MX, LLC in January 2023 as Lead A&P Technician with over 33 years of experience. Originally from South Texas, and moved to Conroe, TX in 1969. Sam obtained his A&P License in 1989 and has worked in all aspects of aviation maintenance. Clients often share how they appreciate his honesty and quality work.

Sam has a background in mechanics that started from servicing old muscle cars to fixing fleet trucks and utilizing his skillset in aviation mechanics. Sam enjoys spending quality time with his family and grandkids, enjoying BBQs together. As a hobby, you’ll find him working on vintage cars, or since his wife owns a bakery he often lends a helping hand to assist her.


Airframe and Powerplant Technician

Travis graduated from high school at the young age of fourteen and quickly pursued dual degrees in applied science. Having always been passionate about the travel industry, he attended Hallmark University, where he earned a degree as an A&P Mechanic. Since then, Travis has completed hundreds of quality inspections and mechanical work orders. Outside of work, he enjoys games, animation, coffee, and cats.


Airframe and Powerplant Apprentice

Ashley is a Conroe High School Graduating Class of 2020 and recently graduated from A&P School at MIAT in April 2023. Ashley is exceedingly driven and will obtain her A&P License this year. Ashley’s parents are from Mexico and she has two younger siblings and she aims to be a positive role model. Ashley grew up close to an uncle who was a car mechanic that guided her to pursue a program in a wind turbine career. Upon researching the recommended program she stumbled upon an aviation program, and thought aviation seemed very intriguing. As she pursued her interest in the aviation program she attended two United events and solidified her interest in a career in aviation. Her goals are to obtain her A&P license this year and become a private pilot. Ideally, she would love the opportunity to add her own personal touch with a custom “arts and crafts” style to aircrafts. Additionally, outside of her professional development she loves to maintain a healthy fitness lifestyle with body building. 


Airframe and Powerplant Apprentice

Jacob “JT” Whitten has been immersed in the world of competitive bowling from the young age of six, demonstrating both passion and skill in the sport. For four years, he honed his technical understanding of bowling as a pinsetter mechanic, an experience that enriched his appreciation for the mechanics behind the game. Currently, JT is pursuing his childhood dream of flying by attending pilot school. He aspires to not only become a pilot but also an Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) mechanic, reflecting his dual interests in aviation and complex machinery. Outside of his professional aspirations, JT is an avid enthusiast of Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) cars. He enjoys working on cars, further showcasing his knack for mechanics and engineering. His life reflects a compelling blend of competitive sportsmanship, mechanical expertise, and a relentless pursuit of his aviation dreams.


Administrative Assistant – CXO MX

Kalysta, known as Kaly for short, is a proud 2020 graduate of Willis High School and a recent 2023 alumna of Lone Star College, where she earned an Associate of Arts degree, minoring in Business Administration. Kalysta is from the Willis and Conroe area and has built a diverse professional background despite being new to the aviation industry. Transitioning from the hospitality industry, she developed a robust set of skills in various administrative capacities. Always eager to learn, she has a keen interest in understanding the inner workings of different industries, which fuels her career ambitions. Kalysta’s professional aspirations are centered around excelling as an Administrative Assistant and fostering a deep, enduring connection with every facet of CXO MX LLC. Outside of her career pursuits, she leads an active lifestyle; she enjoys exercising, reading, and cherishing quality time with her loved ones. Kalysta is also committed to savoring the meaningful experiences life has to offer, enriching her personal and professional growth. Her journey reflects a continuous quest for knowledge and a desire to establish lasting professional relationships. 


Administrative Assistant – High Performance Aviation

Courtney joined our team in November 2022 as the Administrative Assistant.  Her life has been a whirlwind of adventure and exploration, largely influenced by her upbringing as a military child. From a young age, she was propelled to travel extensively which exposed her to diverse cultures. Each destination enriched her perspective, broadening her understanding of the world. Courtney has over 13 years of dedicated experience working with clients from diverse backgrounds. Her career developed in Property Management starting with Multifamily Apartments, to Luxury Mid-Rise Apartments, then Homeowner Association Property Management. In addition, she has substantial Web Design and Marketing experience. Courtney graduated with the Web Page Designer program from Penn Foster University in 2017. Additionally, she is graduating in 2024 from Western Governors University obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree cum laude and multiple Excellence Awards for exemplary work. She is a member of Alpha Epsilon Sigma, a chapter of Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society at WGU.


Airframe and Powerplant Apprentice 
Aircraft Sales Associate – High Performance Aviation

Shana, who had no background in aviation, discovered a passion for aviation and leaped into the industry. After a decade of raising her family and working as a piece-rate seamstress from home, she found herself apprenticing as an aircraft mechanic for a flight school. The fleet she worked on consisted of R44 Helicopters, Cirrus SR20 airplanes, Bell 206 long rangers, Citabrias, and a couple of Beachcrafts. This gave her a range of skills in general aviation aircraft.
She simultaneously studied hard to pursue her pilot certificates while diving into her bachelor’s degree in aerospace and aviation Sciences as well! She genuinely loves aviation and feels thankful to have the opportunity to be a part of several facets of the aviation industry.